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Automotive Seats Development

Seats are one of the most important passive safety components of the car. Seats have not only the mission of providing confort to the occupants. Together with the security belt and airbags, seats must retain and hold the occupants in case of strong braking or even accident, preventing them from being fatally injured.

At AES Engineering we have more than 15 year experience developing complete front and rear seats for different automotive OEMS (Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche…). However we can also take over the development for single seat parts like:

– Soft Trim: PUR Foams and Trim (Cloth, Synthetic or Leather) and plastic covers (back panel, valances and finishers)

– Metal structure: seat pan, seat frame, back seat frame, Head Restraint, actuators, kinematic elements, recliner…

– SAB integration (Airbag) and security Seat Belt

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